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from COTTAGE GROVE, OREGON USA - wrote on 10 December 2001, 01:19:

from Italy - Veneto- - wrote on 9 December 2001, 14:21:
As you already said, you are two amazing people and your site confirme this.

Waiting for news...

Kiss & hughs.

Kathleen &Robert Dunn
from Foxboro Massachsetts USA - wrote on 5 December 2001, 19:31:
URL: http://www.mediaone.rr.com
I was delighted to hear from you again. We thouroughly enjoyed skiing in Cervinia last year, so much so that we have scheduled a return trip to Cortina. My hope is to return when flowers are in bloom and Piemonte seems a perfect destination!

Stuart Keeler
from San Francisco, California - wrote on 5 December 2001, 18:25:
What a pleasant surprise to receive your email. Enjoyed the site. Thanks for adding me to your growing list of family and friends across the globe. I look forward to seeing the site develop.

Peace & Love eternal,

Stuart K.

from Mason City Iowa USA - wrote on 5 December 2001, 17:54:
I love your web site! Thank you for sharing your beautiful country.

Mickie from Minnesota USA
from Born and raised in New York~!! - wrote on 22 November 2001, 02:53:
Hi Claudia:

Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful website and wonderful pictures and stories. I hope someday to make a website of my own. I have been in Milan and Venice, and next time, hope to visit a lot more of your beautiful country~!!

Wishing you blessings,

Kay Blok
from Barrie Ontario Canada - wrote on 15 November 2001, 22:05:
I found your 1st message to Worldwide recipes then lost it, have tried many ways to get it back,finally got it through Christine K. Colorada, Love your site. I have seen most of Italy on 5 trips but never was in Piemonte.I see only 2 Can. e-mailers. Would love to hear from you, if you have time Affec. Kay

Sally Monitto
from Melbourne, Australia - wrote on 9 November 2001, 06:26:
Thanking you for letting me know about your delightful Greeting cards, keep up the great work and thank-you for keeping me posted.
Tanti auguri

Darrell Price
from Blaine, Wa - wrote on 7 November 2001, 05:37:

I enjoyed your site. I especially loved looking at your pictures. Looks like Alley was sort of a tomboy when she was younger...lol

Mary & Bert Charner
from Ormond Beach, Florida 32176 - wrote on 6 November 2001, 05:10:
Hi Claudia and Pippo

Thanks for sharing your family and your country with us. It looks like you have fun with your family.

And Italy is a wonderful country, we love it and hope to visit again soon

Pat (Granieri) Oppel
from Orlando,Florida,USA - wrote on 29 October 2001, 17:03:
Ciao Claudia & Pippo!

So nice to hear back from you! I have heard from a lovely gentleman in Filadelphia, Calabria, who may have connections to my "Serrao" family - exciting stuff! I will now be a regular visitor to your wonderful website, and try some of the tempting recipes you offer.
Pat O

from Northern Indiana - wrote on 27 October 2001, 16:18:
Hi Pippo and Claudia,It's been to long since I visited your website . You have done a beautiful job on it .. Hope to talk to you soon .. Your friend..... Roger

Dal Sasso Renato
from Cuneo - wrote on 26 October 2001, 20:50:
Come promesso ho visitato il vostro bellissimo sito e ne sono rimasto colpito. Continuate così, abbiamo bisogno di persone come voi che con grinta e voglia di fare aprano al Mondo le porte della nostra regione, per molti troppo sconosciuta !! A presto.

Patricia (Granieri) Oppel
from Orlando, Florida,USA - wrote on 25 October 2001, 18:55:
What a truly warm and gracious website you have created! I feel at home already, and have never met you.
No need for apologies - your English is excellent, and most enjoyable.
I came to geneology.com website looking for family/ancestors. My grandparents came over from Italy in the late 1800's. Salvatore Serrao and Catherine Ciliberto Serrao were from Maidia in Calabria, before they emigrated to USA. Some other family names are Paone, Mericanta, Grazia, Pulli, Granieri, and Licastra. Family rumor had it that there were family members from northern Italy, possibly near the Swiss border. That group of family has blue-green eyes & light brown/blondish hair. Do any of these name sound familiar to you? It would be delightful to discover family in your lovely Piemonte area!
Should you holiday in Florida, please let me know!

from Fallsington, PA, USA - wrote on 3 October 2001, 04:27:
What a lovely home you have, and what a gorgeous place to live! The whole countryside is beautiful! I could smell the bread from the bakery. Your photography is excellent. Good job!

Susan Stanley
from Kentucky, USA - wrote on 5 August 2001, 05:53:
You have a great website! Thanks for sending me an email to check it out!

Kathy Bair
from Huntingon, Indiana, USA - wrote on 20 July 2001, 17:15:
Great site you two! Hope you enjoy the chicken recipe I sent you.

from Rosario, Argentina - wrote on 8 July 2001, 22:13:
Molto bella la pagina. Congratulazioni.
Mi interesserebbe che lei mise i dati degli abitanti di secoli passati come gli alberi genealogici quello ci permetterebbe a molti di noi rincontrarsi con nostros ancestros ed al tempo per unire persone di parti diverse del mondo con ancestri comuni che faciliterebbe in qualsiasi momento per essere nell´uno grande riunione in qualche luogo del Piamonte.
Loro agradesco da già la loro possibilità attenta di comunicare e gli spedisce i dati dei miei nonni: Pascual Gualco di Asti e Giusepe Bolatti di Fossano.
scusi per il italiano mio. Nora

franco bongiovanni
from saluzzo italy - wrote on 1 July 2001, 13:10:
URL: http://www.broderie.it
Very Kind your sito!

look the mine if you want. Thanks!


Jacqueline Fortier Doty
from Minnesota, USA - wrote on 29 June 2001, 18:37:
I love your site. It is so nice to see that Piemonte is finally making inroads on the internet.
My grandmother, Petronilla Rosa Carolla Morino was born in Limone in the stone house across from the church. Her mother was Francesca Riberi, (sister of Sen. Spiritus Riberi. who pushed through the legislation for the tunnel to southern France. There is a monument to him in Limone). Her father was Giovanni Eduardo Morino,
son of Stephan and Rosa Bono or Bona, born in Castelnuevo.
We are just now finding more about my Italian branch as my great grandfather changed his name to Louis Vasaly when he left Italy. Seems he was a soldier with Garibaldi and had to leave the country in a bit of a hurry.I shall keep watching your site for new information.

dona de sanctis
from Campania - wrote on 22 June 2001, 17:35:
I am the director of research at the National Italian American Foundation here in DC. Complimenti ... il vostro sito e' magnifico. I wish all Italian Americans would create similar sites of their home regions!

Sally Monitto c/o
from Melbourne, Australia - wrote on 18 June 2001, 06:04:
URL: http://coasit@vicnet.net.au
What a lovely site. Thank-you for e-mailing us and making us aware of your site. Sounds like you have all had a very fulfilling life
Regards Sally

Kurt Friese
from Iowa City, IA, USA - wrote on 17 June 2001, 20:05:
URL: http://www.devotay.com
A pleasant surprise to find your invitation to your informative website in my eMail box this morning. My wife Kim and I were in Turin last Fall for the Salone Del Gusto and just fell in love the Piemontese region and its people.

Keep up the good work!
Chef Kurt Michael Friese
Iowa City, Iowa USA

Jack & Barbara Haines
from Champaign, IL, USA - wrote on 5 June 2001, 16:50:
You have a wonderful website! We are in touch with Fabio Garnero of Solaria in Saluzzo, and we are admirers of artist Claudio Diatto in Dogliani.

Ruth Rowlands
from Ibiza Spain - wrote on 2 June 2001, 17:33:
Just to let everyone that visits this web page know what a lovely couple Pippo and Claudia are. I am really grateful for all the help they have offered in my search to find my Italian family.


Ruth Rowlands
from Ibiza Spain - wrote on 2 June 2001, 17:32:
Just to let everyone that visits this web page know what a lovely couple Pippo and Claudia are. I am really grateful for all the help they have offered in my search to find my Italian family.

from Cleveland, TN - wrote on 2 June 2001, 17:09:
URL: http://www.minsrecipes.com
Just stopped in for a quick visit again, and wanted to say Hello! It is always a pleasure to visit and see what's new. Keep up the good work. Mignonne

Victor Negro
from Spagna - wrote on 1 June 2001, 06:55:
Carissimi Claudia e Pippo:
Ho visitato il vostro sito.
Veramente magnifico!!!!.
Sono 100% piamontese, soltanto che nato in Argentina. Ho ritrovato vecchi ricordi della mia infanzza.
Veramente Bravi!!!!!.
Un abraccio Victor

Rose Cullen
from Reseda, California near Los Angeles - wrote on 1 June 2001, 04:53:
Claudia & Pippo:

I have been away from you site since December. You have done a wonderful job. Especially photos of your home and town and your family. I'm so glad you decided to do it that way. It shows all of us from around the world how others live. Maybe with more communications of this sort maybe someday the world will be a better place to live. I am still looking for my cousins in Messina. I will keep trying. I will not stay away so long again. I'll be back to see whats new. Congratulations on a job well done.

Donna Westwood
from Benton, IL, USA - wrote on 30 May 2001, 21:17:
URL: http://home.infospace.com/donnaw1
I want to invite everyone to join the mailing list for everything Piedmont at rootsweb. The list is for genealogy but also many are interested in , food, history, websites etc. as long as it has to do with Piedmont
To join send an e-mail with just the word suscribe in the message body to ITA-PIEDMONT-L-request@rootsweb.com

from Canary island-Spain - wrote on 29 May 2001, 04:07:
URL: http://pagina.de/grancanaria
que bonita es vuestra pagina, felicidades, verdaderamente bella

Edoardo Crescentini
from Italy - wrote on 15 May 2001, 20:59:
Mi piascerebbe che cualcuno si metterebe in contato con mio fioglio, cosi simpara l'Italiano. Lui a 17 anni. Sichiama Lazio.
Grazie tanto.

James & Cynthia Poderino
from Foresthill, California - wrote on 14 May 2001, 02:06:
Thank you for inviting us to visit your web site. It is great!
James's father (Guido) was born in San Giorgio Canavese, and it was wonderful to read about the region.
We hope to visit the Piedmont area
We are still hoping to find some relatives in that area. Is there anyone there with the name PODERINO??
Thanks again, James & Cynthia

Kenneth W. Congrove Jr.
from genforum - wrote on 12 May 2001, 18:03:
I am researching genetic physical traits of celts and italians. I have observeved a physical trait called the Morton foot. That is the second toe longer than the big toe. I have one perosn that comes from your region telling me that may be common for your region of Itlay becasue of the Celts living there. Is this a true statement about peoples living there?

Daele Corna
from New Milford, Connecticut - wrote on 3 May 2001, 22:31:
Love the pics and recipes! I'm still searching for my relatives. I have some kind of "cousins" that were from San Guisto Canavase.

Emil & Audrey Giacoletto
from St. Louis, Mo. U.S.A. - wrote on 30 April 2001, 00:06:
My father was from northern Italy mother family from Milano

Sandra Giacoletto Worth
from Saint Louis, Missouri, United States - wrote on 29 April 2001, 05:34:
URL: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/w/o/r/Sandra--L-Worth/
My family Giacoletto Papas and Giacomino Prola come from Sale, Castelnuovo Nigra so of course I was very interested in your site. Thank you for sharing the pictures and information with us.

John Conto
from Lemont, Illinois - wrote on 29 April 2001, 04:26:
What a wonderful site! I have been searching the net for info about the Piedmonte region for several years, but have had to depend on less personal sites to get any info. My family orginally came from the Piedmonte region (the villages of Vialfre' and Cuceglio), and I am dying to visit the area in the future. Your web site will be a great bridge up and to that time. Thanks once again

Donna Westwood
from Benton, IL, USA - wrote on 27 April 2001, 15:49:
URL: http://home.infospace.com/donnaw1
I just love your site. thank-you for sending it to me.
My ancestors on my Mom's side, ELLENA from Rivara and CHIAVENTONE from San Ponso both in the Provincia DI Torino. I also have RYMONDO that comes from somewhere in the area.
My Dad's MONTORO and ALBO lines come from down in southern Italy.
We always ate the way you do and I have been cooking some of the same things you have on here my whole life.
Great Site!!!

Corrine Balagna
from Michigan - wrote on 27 April 2001, 06:33:
Thank you for the beautiful site,enjoyed it all. Our family history is from the areas of Pont and San Giorgio Canavesse, paternally. Maternially from Ancona


Tom Orso
from St. Louis, Missouri, USA signed the guestbook on 27 April 2001, 03:48.

Robert Davis
from Connellsville Pa. - wrote on 27 April 2001, 03:14:
Your site was fantistic my Great-grand parents came from Foglezzo a provence of Turino. His name was Petro Garella, I would love to come and see the beauty of Italy. Thanks again for giving me a preview of what I have only dreamed of.

Judy Alexander
from Roswell, GA, USA - wrote on 26 April 2001, 23:42:
What a delightful surprise to get your e-mail to visit your site! It's wonderful! My 22 year old daughter Catharine who studies at the University of Georgia was fortunate enough to spend the summer in Rome and fell absolutely in love with Italy. We've promised her another trip (if we can go along) after she graduates! In fact, Torino is one place I definitely want to visit as my ancestor Dominic FERANDO (born ca. 1790) who later came to America and

changed his name to Joseph BLACK may be from your area. Do you know any FERANDOs?

I look forward to thoroughly reading your web site pages. Thank you so much!

Nick Cignetti
from Canton, Ohio USA - wrote on 26 April 2001, 19:27:
Excellent site. I am 100% Piemontese first generation born in America. I have researched this are back to the time the Celts controlled Turin and Milan and the north of Italy. This area including the Aosta Valley is one of the best kept secrets of Italy.The table of Piemonte is the best in the world along with the Barbera and Barola My congratulations to you on an excellent informant site. Mille Gratzi.

Felice Data
from San Francisco (Fairfax/Marin) Calif, USA - wrote on 26 April 2001, 18:53:
Fabulous site. My family is from the Torino area: Forno, Oglianico, Favria (and also from Modena). When I lived in Europe I visited and now I have come to have an intense interest not only in my family history but the history of the region. If your readers have these names, please contact me: DATA, ROSSETTO, BERSANO, GIACOLETTO, ROSTAGNA, VIETA, ROLLE, MORETTO, RICCA, MATTIOTTO, PERONA.

Thanks so much.
Felice Data (SF, CA)

Horacio Paggi Straneo
from Uruguay, South America - wrote on 26 April 2001, 17:21:
Hi! Excuse me for using English instead of Italian: I've just started to study it. Your site is great! Friendly, elegant...

You know...? my great grandfather (for my mother's side) was born in Alessandria.

As you already discovered, I'm interested in the genealogy of my great granfather GianPietro Paggi,

but I guess that I'll have to do a little sacrifice (;-) in order to visit the Northern Italy and discover my roots...

Well, congratulations


My best regards,

Penolope Giacoletti
from Hurley, New Mexico - wrote on 26 April 2001, 17:00:
What a lovely web site. Maybe someday I can get my husband to go see where his grandfather, Domonico Giacoletto Papas lived in Sale,Castlenuevo Nigre.

I have passed you invitation on to our cousins. Thank you for inviting us to share in your family's history.

Daniele Gamba
from Italy - Villanova Mondovì - wrote on 24 April 2001, 16:19:
Dimenticavo l’e-mail.
Arrivederci a presto

Daniele Gamba
from italy - Villanova Mondovi - wrote on 24 April 2001, 16:14:
Sto lavorando alla realizzazione
del sito, presto ci sentiremo per
informarci sulle novità e
scambiarci qualche bella idea.
Arrivederci a presto

from USA - wrote on 23 April 2001, 01:42:
I must have been doing something wrong, I did't put in http://etc.
Love your pictures, you two look so great. I just love your home too. Just wish we could visit you. I am not changing my e-mail wright now.

Alfredo Berretta
from Murrysville, PA - wrote on 12 April 2001, 03:03:
Giovanni, Grazie della tuo messaggio del 06 aprile. Ho tentato a rispondere ma non sono riuscito usando L'indirizzo
"info@pmnews.it". Ti prego di confermarli l'indirizzo. Grazie. Alfredo

Jane Berlin
from Gulfport, Ms - wrote on 9 April 2001, 02:00:
Forgot to give you my email address. Calmbrez1978@hotmail.com. Jane

Jane Berlin
from Gulfport, Ms. - wrote on 9 April 2001, 01:58:
Keep in touch with me. I had a friend that was in the service and lived in Italy for awhile so I've heard a little and like to enjoy food and culture and people from all over the world. Jane

from Wyoming....USA - wrote on 8 April 2001, 23:39:
URL: http://home.thirdage.com/Family/notacowgirl/
Hi, this is actually my 2nd visit. Your site is great!

from Wyoming....USA - wrote on 8 April 2001, 23:39:
URL: http://home.thirdage.com/Family/notacowgirl/
Hi, this is actually my 2nd visit. Your sight is great!

Bev King
from Wolfforth. Tx - wrote on 6 April 2001, 06:15:
Loved your web page. Beautifully done. Lived in southern Italy for 3 1/2 years when my husband was stationed near Taranto with the U.S Air Force. Loved every minute of it!!! Have always wanted to come back to Italy. We did tour most of it, but don't remember if we visited your area or not. We love Italian food & watch Mario Battali's show all the time on the food channel. You can reach the food channel at www.foodtv.com if yu are interested. Your English is great. I will visit your site again. Bev

from Moreno Valley, California USA - wrote on 5 April 2001, 20:48:
My friend shared your website with me and I enjoyed it so much. The only limited thing that I know about Italy is what I have seen on T.V. in the I Love Lucy episode of the grape stomping (probably not even really Italy!) I loved your gardens and courtyards. And I am a true lover of cats, so I enjoyed seeing your animals by the fireside. My children are 23 and 21 - a boy and a girl - and two of my very favorite people in all of the world. You're right - they do grow up so quickly. My husband of 29 years and I are alone again - and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for sharing.


Elaine Stephens
from Austin. Texas - wrote on 4 April 2001, 23:36:
The three times I have been to
Italy always leaves me wanting
to go back. Unfortunately the last
time was 20 years ago---so I'm
certainly due for another visit!

Alfredo Berretta
from Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA - wrote on 4 April 2001, 18:36:
Mille grazie di avermi avertito del vostro bellissimo ed immaginoso website. Continuero` a seguirlo con gran piacere e interessamento. Sono torinese di nascita ma lasciai l'Italia da bambino anni fa. Desidero mantenermi competente nella lingua italiana, per quale ragione gradirei molto l'opportunita` di corrispondere, via Email, con dei piemontesi. Potreste indicarmi qualche persone, di ambedue i sessi, ma non troppo giovani, con cui potrei iniziare uno scambio di messaggi? Vi ringrazio in anticipo.

Carol Magnuson
from Austin, Minnesota - wrote on 4 April 2001, 04:49:
Lovely web site, you two have done a nice job. Informative and interesting. Makes me want to put on my traveling shoes.....

from San Francisco, California - wrote on 3 April 2001, 18:44:
Che bella ! My Nonna was born

in Barbania (near Torino) and

I'm planning to visit in May. This

will be very helpful for me in

planning my trip.

Mille grazie !


from Arlington, Texas - wrote on 2 April 2001, 14:46:
Thank you!!

Edward A Schradin
from Greenwood Lake, New York USA signed the guestbook on 1 April 2001, 22:55.

from Washington state - USA - wrote on 1 April 2001, 21:25:
I have enjoyed your site SO very much, it is absolutely charming !!
I will schedule a return visit for sure, may of them in fact!!

from Jacksonville,Florida-USA - wrote on 31 March 2001, 16:29:
What a wonderful gift of love you have given us by sharing !

Blessings to you all!

from Somerset Center, Michigan USA - wrote on 31 March 2001, 00:23:
Thanks for the invitation. I enjoyed your site very much.
Hugs, Penny

from Issaquah Washington USA - wrote on 30 March 2001, 20:53:
Great pages!
It was fun to look through all of them!

No ring in Italy yet??
You are more than welcome to join our Seattle ring... I know it's a little far to come for the meetings but, you can join in the fun of sharing recipes and life stories!
WE would be glad to have you!!


Donna Townsend
from Novi, Michigan USA - wrote on 30 March 2001, 16:49:
Thank you for the invitation! I
plan to visit your country in 2002,
the dream of a lifetim

Priscilla Crescentini
from South Africa - wrote on 30 March 2001, 11:33:
Buon Giorno

Nonie Mattocks
from Vass, North Carolina - wrote on 30 March 2001, 03:24:
URL: http://www.geocities.com/nonie_2002/mypage.html
Claudia and Pippo, Thank you for inviting me to your site. It is wonderful. Your house and family are beautiful! I'm sure I will visit again and try some of the delicious sounding recipes. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Terra Andromeda
from Cripple Creek, Colorado USA - wrote on 29 March 2001, 19:55:
Thanks for the invitation to your site. I enjoyed it very much and will return to search your recipes. We are thinking of doing an Italian Easter but are seeking recipes without tomatoes. We love tomatoes but too many at a meal is too much. Besides, I am certain that there are many great recipes from which to choose. Best wishes from the high Rocky Mountains (9500'elevation.)

from Tulsa Ok USA - wrote on 28 March 2001, 22:33:
URL: http://okrecitopiaring.intranets.com/
Thank you for directing me to your site, i would like to include it on my site for my recitopia ring!

from Dayton Ohio - wrote on 28 March 2001, 15:11:
thank you for the neat site. I work for an Italian based company (home office is in Torino). seeing sites of Italy is wonderful for me as I have not visited the home office yet. the food of the different regions in Italy has always interested me. I love seeing what regional dishes you have. thank you for sharing your little bit of Italy with everyone.

Dorothy Cote
from Derry,New Hampshire,USA - wrote on 28 March 2001, 04:50:
Claudia & Pippo, Thank You for inviting me into your site and introducing me to your family and your country. You have done a wonderful job on your site. I am filing it in my favorites so i may make some of your wonderful recipes. We love italian food. Blessings to the Chef for leading you to us. Your region sounds beautiful, one day we may be lucky enough to visit. Keep up the good work your doing on your site and thank you again

Dia Garland
from Nebraska, USA - wrote on 28 March 2001, 01:16:
URL: http://www.geocities.com/webegoats
What a lovely site! It has been many years since I was in Italy. Your pictures make me want to visit again.

suzie hayman
from UK - wrote on 27 March 2001, 18:57:
Dear Claudia and Pippo
Thank you so much for inviting me into your fabulous site - so much like being invited into your home. Your site is beautiful, intriguing, tantalising, engaging - just as I imagine you and your family and home must be. I have always loved Italian food but not visited for many years. This wonderful glimpse has made me want to go to Italy again and particularly to visit Piemonte. Wonderful ! I shall visit again, to look for genuine recipes of your region, and to simply enjoy your beautiful site and your virtual hospitality.

Jayne Nagy
from North Carolina - wrote on 27 March 2001, 16:46:
Thank you so much for the invitation to visit your website. My family actually visited many parts of Italy several years ago. We camped all over including in Rome. What a fantastic country and experience. You've rekindled many wonderful memories. God bless you!

from Brookings, Oregon - wrote on 27 March 2001, 07:54:
Thanks for inviting me to your site. It was so informative I know I'll enjoy revisiting it several times. Your area looks lovely. I hope I can see it in person some day.

from Atlantic Beach signed the guestbook on 26 March 2001, 16:07.

Donald I. Underwood
from Orange Park, Florida, USA - wrote on 26 March 2001, 06:32:
I truly enjoyed your PM news I received from my son, a future top chef. In fact tonight we had one of your recipes, "Pollo alla cacciatora." and it was delicious!
Have your page bookmarked so I can come back to it from time to time.
Do you have an email address where I can contact you directly?

Barbara Meuleman-Girga
from Netherlands via California - wrote on 25 March 2001, 14:30:
What a delightful surprise to be invited to see your website. Usually I would delete, but I trust "The Chef" so decided to visit. So glad I did; for a first timer doing websites, yours is outstanding. I will bookmark it to return again. Have a happy forever, Barbara

from Puerto Rico - the Caribbean - wrote on 24 March 2001, 16:23:
URL: http://www.Piano-Bar.com
I enjoyed visiting your site. Very nice and warm. I want to take this opportunity to invite you and your visitors to enjoy the easy listening Piano music I have at my site Luciano's Piano Bar

June Dowles
from Sydney Australia - wrote on 24 March 2001, 13:19:
Thankyou for sharing all that information with us. We found it very interesting.

Donna Panigutti-Hubbard
from Palm Bay, Florida - wrote on 24 March 2001, 11:32:
Thank you for inviting me to view your website. Being of Italian decent, I have great interest in Italian cooking, customs, history etc. I look forward to trying many of the recipes.

I'm orginally from Cleveland, Ohio,

both my parents were Italian, mom was born in Cleveland, dad in Udine, Italy.

Good luck on your venture into the



Queen Jane
from Ormond Beach, Florida USA - wrote on 24 March 2001, 03:10:
I'm one of the Chefs foodies. Love to cook and collect recipes. Your web page is great.

from Alexandria, Virginia, USA - wrote on 23 March 2001, 19:21:
Claudia and Pippo,

What a beautiful site you have put together. I'm looking forward to trying some of your recipes and I hope some day to be able to visit beautiful Piemonte. I'm also so glad you decided to join the NOVA Ring of Recitopia and look forward to your posts and hopefully a visit in the near future.

Inge Bauzon
from Manila, Philippines - wrote on 23 March 2001, 09:44:
Thank you so much for writing to me and for inviting me to your home through your website. Congratulation! You did a very good job in putting your website together. All best wishes to all of you.

Terry Malouf
from Denver, Colorado - USA - wrote on 22 March 2001, 01:15:
What a nice sight you have put together. And you are beginners at this? I am impressed. Thanks for contacting me, as I have enjoyed getting acquainted with your region.

from Phoenix, Arizona USA - wrote on 21 March 2001, 23:02:
Ciao a bell'Italia. Ha piaciuto il suo luogo. I ringraziamenti per dividere. Inviare a tutto gli amici di Inet. Il movimento sopra.. me fa spazio per per fare un nido lí. Tentare alcuni delle sue ricette di veal. Lo Shalom, Maxie da Phoenix, Arizona USA

Dee Doan
from brooksville florida - wrote on 21 March 2001, 20:55:
Hi, What a lovely site you have designed. Enjoyed it immensely. Hope you continue to add more things to it as I will continue to check it out occasionally. Keep up the excellent work. Dee

from Rehoboth Beach, De., USA - wrote on 21 March 2001, 14:52:
Your country is breath taking, and your family is beautiful. You should be very proud of the work you have done on this site. For me it was a trip around the world without leaveing home. Thank you.

Jean Waegli
from Phoenix AZ USA - wrote on 21 March 2001, 05:31:
I like your site very much keep up the good work

from Florida - wrote on 21 March 2001, 01:27:
How enjoyable, we are planning a trip to Italy possibly in 2002. We now want to look at your region also. The tour we plan on taking is for Tuscany & Almafi Coast, hopefully we can extend. Keep up the wonderful job I will visit often, I also have forwarded you site to my fellow cooking overs. Judy

Camelia Protopopescu
from Suceava, ROMANIA - wrote on 20 March 2001, 17:01:
Greetings from Romania !

I hope to invite you soon on our site. You did a great job here. It's beautiful and interesting.

All the best,


from Singapore - wrote on 20 March 2001, 16:34:
Your site makes me wish I could visit Italy. Maybe one day I can see it all for myself. Thank you so much!

from Decatur, AL USA - wrote on 20 March 2001, 13:23:
Great website, I hope to one day visit Italy. Thanks for all the great information!

Anne Clock
from Indiana USA - wrote on 19 March 2001, 22:03:
URL: http://www.spiritgathering.com
You have a great site. It does not look like a beginners. My friends and I took an Italian cooking class from the University of Utah last year. We completely enjoyed it. Italian is my husbands favorite food. Keep going with you site. Love it! Visit my site. I am new at websites too, although I have been on computer since 1977.

from Pakistan - wrote on 18 March 2001, 22:21:
Great Italian place with great Italian food! Very interesting information about a place less well known to the world. Marvelous effort! Only if you may like to change the font to make it easier to read; just a suggestion. Thanks for invitation.

from Suva, Fiji - wrote on 18 March 2001, 21:10:
Thank you for inviting me to view this site! You've done a charming job! I feel like I've had a short visit to the region. Thanks!

from Ohio, USA - wrote on 18 March 2001, 17:42:
Such an interesting education into a culture I have never known. Nicely done :-)....and I enjoyed my visit.

Martino Corto
from long island New York - wrote on 18 March 2001, 04:32:
Ciao, I love your site, it makes me a little home sick, I spent 5 years in Italy, and it was great, Ispent most of my time in the northern part, from Vicenza to Milano, and I loved it. Thank you for your nice site, when I visit Italy again, I will stop in to see you.

from Toledo, Ohio - wrote on 17 March 2001, 21:01:
URL: http://www.thatpersonalchef.com
Thank you so much for e-mailing me and passing on your beautiful web site. I will use the recipes often for my clients. I am a personal chef and I hope you will visit my web site at www.thatpersonalchef.com

Tresa Adkins
from West Jordan, Utah, USA - wrote on 17 March 2001, 08:52:
What a wonderful and warm site you have created. It makes me want to visit Italy all the more and hopefully I will get there someday. The food sounds delicous!

Glynnis Henderson
from Brisbane, Australia - wrote on 17 March 2001, 02:43:
Claudia & Pippo, what a fantastic site!!! You have certainly made me want to visit Italy and start cooking more Italian food. Congratulations! I'll come again soon.

from South Africa - wrote on 16 March 2001, 09:41:
You have a most amazing site. It is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations. It makes me wish I could visit Italy but everytime we try to we always end up in France where my fiance's parents live. Next time I will drag him to Italy.

Bill Johnson
from Oklahoma - wrote on 15 March 2001, 04:08:
A very well done site, full of interesting information. You are to be complimented.

from Saginaw, Michigan - wrote on 13 March 2001, 07:18:
Greetings from Michigan ! I have enjoyed my visit to your beautiful web site. Thank you for the insight into your part of the world. I hope to visit you in the very near future. Feel free to write me anytime you like. I will e-mail you as soon as time permits. Take care and God bless. Your future son-in -law, Larry. Ciao !

Darlene Blasing
from Cincinnati, Ohio USA - wrote on 12 March 2001, 19:27:
Hello Claudia and Pippo!Thank you for reminding me about your site. You have added many pictures since the last time I visited. I would love to visit your area one day. I spent a wonderful two weeks in Italy in 1970 but I saw only a small part of your beautiful country. Your website is wonderful! Best regards, Darlene

Mary Anne & Dan Diebels
from Alaska - wrote on 11 March 2001, 21:02:
What a joy to visit you!! Italy has always been a dream of mine to visit... and one day we will.Thanks for sharing your life..What a beautiful town you live in

from Central Pa. U.S.A. - wrote on 11 March 2001, 20:42:
I really enjoyed reading of your life and seeing some of the wonderful pictures of Italy. Would love to see pictures of your local town. Keep up with the great recipes of your culture....

Gladys McConnell
from Manhasset, Long Island, NY - wrote on 11 March 2001, 20:12:
That is a fantastic web site and is so full of information. Just loved it.

Maurice L Carnuccio
from Williamsport, Pa - wrote on 10 March 2001, 15:41:
Your Home Page Is Very Nice

from Grants Pass, Oregon, USA - wrote on 9 March 2001, 20:22:
Your website is really wonderful!It really shows that you put a tremendous amount of work into it it, is truly remarkable and enjoyable. I hope hundreds of people have a chance to visit this marvelous website.

from Australia - wrote on 9 March 2001, 02:18:
Thanks for sending URL. Now I can try some recipes.

from Cleveland, Tennessee United States - wrote on 7 March 2001, 03:16:
URL: http://minsrecipes.bizland.com
Thank you for the lovely tour of your home, hometown, and for sharing your recipes with the rest of the world. I've already bookmarked your site, and plan to visit often.

from Pennsylvania - wrote on 6 March 2001, 21:35:
Just had to stop in again, Claudia. Everytime I read a different recipe it makes me want to run to the store to get the missing ingredients. I'm impressed that the chef from World Wide Recipes signed your guestbook!Again, good job!

from Iowa/USA - wrote on 5 March 2001, 15:45:
Thanks you so much for your invitation to visit your site. I very much enjoyed the tour and the history!

from Israel - wrote on 5 March 2001, 07:34:
You have a great web site showing your beautiful country.Thank you for sharing it with us.Keep up the good work. :-)

Louis A. Cavagnaro
from Arizona, USA - wrote on 5 March 2001, 00:11:
URL: http://home.att.net/~l.cavagnaro./index.htm
Please verify your e-mail address. I am retired and currently writing 3 books. Perhaps you could help my wife locate an old Italian recipe lost at her grandmothers death?

Ale & Fatina
from Gaeta, Italy - wrote on 4 March 2001, 20:24:
Bene, bravi...vedo che il contagio procede..bacioniAle & Fat

Elaine Badger
from Orange, California USA (near Disneyland) - wrote on 4 March 2001, 14:58:
Beautiful website I am enjoying it very much. I lived in Florence as a young studen, many years ago. I loved the people, the country, and expecially the food!!

Jenn Young
from Charlotte, NC - wrote on 2 March 2001, 14:40:
What a wonderful site! I have always wanted to visit Italy and I have promised myself to make it some day. Can't wait to try your recipes. A good friend from graduate school is from Sicily and he liked your site too!

from Johannesburg, South Africa - wrote on 2 March 2001, 10:41:
Hi Claudia, Thank you for sending me your site address. I thoroughly enjoyed it and had a wonderful time with your recipes, they are great! I am passing on your address to my friends and I will visit you often. Many thanks

Jan Riddle
from Woodbury, MN - wrote on 2 March 2001, 03:51:
What a wonderful site. I enjoyedit very much. Thank you for sharing with me.

from Naples, Florida - wrote on 2 March 2001, 02:53:
Hello to you from beautiful Naples, Florida.I was raised in a little town in the northern panhandle of West Virginia in a small town that was about 80% Italian. Have never been to visit your beautiful country, but know a lot of your people. Thank you for inviting me to visit your site, will come back often.Bella

from Adelaide (Australia) - wrote on 2 March 2001, 01:21:
A great and interesting site. I'llbe back to read more and try recipes.Love those cats!!!!

Mildred Naracon
from Isle of Palms, SC - wrote on 1 March 2001, 23:45:
I enjoyed your site very much. I read the whole thing & will try some of the recipes.

Gerald Seminaro
from Albany, New York - wrote on 1 March 2001, 20:25:
Thanks so much for meeting you. I told you I'd visit your site. How wonderful it is for me to be able to me such lovely people.

Joyce Leichtman
from South Dakota, USA - wrote on 1 March 2001, 16:45:
What a fabulous site! The background is so soothing and the graphics are wonderful! I love it!The scenery is beautiful and the recipes sound delicious. Thank you. Joyce

from Baton Rouge - wrote on 1 March 2001, 14:54:
Ciao amici,Thanks so much for the "tour" of the Piedmont. I've spent some time in Italy, visiting towns along the Med to as far east as Venice, but never made it to your lovely region. My husband is a retired US Army officer. We were assigned to France (70-72) and Greece (88-90). While in Greece, we traveled frequently to Italy as our unit's next higher headquarters was in Vicenza. You have a beautiful country with wonderfully friendly people and absolutely deli

Fred Pelletier
from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada - wrote on 1 March 2001, 03:35:
Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your beautiful home!

from Massachusetts - wrote on 28 February 2001, 16:12:
I enjoyed the recipes - can't wait to try them. Thank you!

from MARYLAND - wrote on 27 February 2001, 20:10:

alejandra bartolo
from Melbourne Australia - Born Argentina - wrote on 26 February 2001, 22:32:
Great site! Lovely family photos.Keep up the great work. :)

Jane and Lannie Dunn
from North monmouth Maine U S A - wrote on 26 February 2001, 04:56:
Claudia and Pippo for beauty and special effects and content and lovely soothing light green background your site is a joy. To be able to see your beautiful family and you is wonderful for me here in the United States. We have written a little and I am sure you remember me. Thank you for this presentation. You are beautiful people and I have seen many a site I turn off quickly but not yours. It is so well presented Claudia and Pippo. Let us keep in touch through the emails from Northern Italy to Maine anad back often. Support and friendship is what we can give and show each other at the very least. Love to you both Claudia and Pippo from Jane and Lannie Dunn,.

from Southern Florida and Northern New York - wrote on 24 February 2001, 15:06:
I am so happy to have been directed to your site. It is wonderful reading. My grandparents left Italy in 1908. Although they never returned, they left me with a wonderful understanding of the culture and the best food in the world and a strong desire to one day visit their homeland.

from New Hampshire - wrote on 23 February 2001, 18:48:
I think your site is wonderful. I spent two weeks in Liguria two years ago, and fell in love with the area and the food! It's great to be able to learn so much about another region of Italy. One day my fiance and I hope to return. Thanks so much for letting me know about your site.

Fides G. Carcich/Budinich
from Mt. Hope, New York, U.S.A. - wrote on 18 February 2001, 06:21:
Carissimi Claudia e Pippo: Grazie per avermi dato l'opportunita di conoscervi qui dal'America lontana. Vi auguro ogni bene, felicita, amore e prosperita nella vostra vita. Chi sa che un giorno avro l'opportunita di farvi visita, e rittornare a rivivere il mio pasato nel Italia che ho lasciato 42 anni fa. Aguri signori! Fides

elizabeth, pat, and sean fahey
from new orleans, la - wrote on 17 February 2001, 03:07:
claudia and pippo - i was looking over the photos and got rather melancholy...thanks for all the memories and of course all the beautiful meals you fed to me!

from Syracuse, NY - USA - wrote on 16 February 2001, 14:24:
This is such a great site. I love Italian food,and my WAISTLINE proves it. Claudia your family is absolutely gorgeous. CIAO & AMORE'

from U.S.A. - wrote on 16 February 2001, 12:56:
Love this site. Would like to contribute recipes.

David, Joan, and Bo-Bo Underwood
from Evergreen, Colorado USA - wrote on 16 February 2001, 01:11:
You're Web page is fantastic, as are all of you!!!!We loved seeing the pictures of some of our past times together...now it's time to make more memories...COME VISIT US

Betty Webb
from Orginally Newfoundland, Canada - wrote on 15 February 2001, 23:40:
URL: http://bettysplace.go.to
I noew live in Sault Ste. Marie, Northern Ontario, Canada.Claudia & Pippo, I really enjoyed visiting your site. I have saved it so I may visit again. You have a lovely looking family. Caio.

The Chef at World Wide Recipes
from Recitopia - wrote on 15 February 2001, 18:15:
URL: http://worldwiderecipes.com
Claudia and Pippo have done an excellent job of representing their fabulous portion of the Recitopian Empire in these pages. I hope that all who enter here will benefit from their knowledge and insight as much as I have. Bravissimo!

Skipper Rathgeber
from Fallsington, Pa. USA - wrote on 15 February 2001, 17:52:
Thank you for sending me this address, Claudia. You have a beautiful family and you can be very proud of the job you have done with this site. And do not apologize for your English; it is excellent! And as for your recipes, my name might sound German, but my stomach is Italian! Yum! Love, Skipper

Jody deMarrais
from Orlando, FL USA - wrote on 15 February 2001, 13:19:
Hi Claudia and Pippo,Looks like I may be the first signer! Your site is such fun and I have been enjoying all your family photos. Went to university with a girl named Campana..I heartily recommend Claudia's recipes to anyone who visits, I've tried several and all were wonderful. Thanks for sharing your part of Italy with us

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