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from nigeria - wrote on 5 November 2002, 15:30:

Nancy Guyot
from Troy, Missouri, U.S.A. - wrote on 21 October 2002, 00:52:
Your webpage was listed at the end of an email to the mailing list I belong to. I am sure you will receive many messages from the members. I am very impressed and happy with your pages. My grandparents were from the Canavese . I loved your whole site and copied several of the receipts - thank you so much.

Barbara Foster
from Sydney, Australia - wrote on 26 August 2002, 02:45:
What a fun and informative site!! We are Americans who have had the priviledge of living several places overseas, including France, England and at present Australia. During our time in Europe, we spent three glorious ski holidays in Sansicario and thus had an opportunity to see a part of your area. We love Italy!!Our 11 year old son is learning Italian at school and has to do a project comparing a Northern and a Southern region. He chose Piemento and Puglia. Your website has given us so much valuable information, I only wish we could find one like it for Puglia!Thank you very much and keep up the GOOD work!!

from Villanova! - wrote on 19 August 2002, 21:43:
I live in Holland since more than 3 years now. I was surfing the Internet wondering if my beloved Villanova was there as well (I guess I was homesick...) I found this great site build by friends. It's brilliant and very pleasant and informative! Well done!

maria cristina gallo-orsi milani
from villa corinna - wrote on 13 August 2002, 22:51:
finalmente vi abbiamo visti!!! complimenti. ci siamo molto divertiti e visiteremo ancora le vostre pagine. Mariateresa e Maria cristina

Elaine Wallace
from Western NC Mountains........USA - wrote on 8 July 2002, 02:58:
Thanks for sharing your site, what a great idea for keeping us in touch with you and your lovely family.....I look forward to getting to know you better in the future, as from reading the guestbook, you update often, so I do hope to be able to see everything in the future years ahead as you add to it! I have traveled out of the USA.......Argentina, Germany, Scotland, but never to Italy, what a pleasure that would be one day..........

Juliet Fortino
from Tucson, Arizona - wrote on 23 June 2002, 20:24:
Claudia and Pippo, Thanks for the wonderful website. You've done a remarkable job putting it together without much background in computers. It was great to tour through your Italy and wait for the day when I can visit it in reality. Thanks! Juliet

Skipper Rathgeber
from Pennsylvania,USA - wrote on 20 June 2002, 17:10:
Ciao, Claudia and Pippo! I've just been enjoying your pictures. You have added some since I last looked. An e-pal of mine asked where she could find some good Italian recipes, so I told her.....right here! Just thinking about them is making me hungry. I think I will go have a (very) early lunch. It's 11:30 a.m.!Love, Skipper

from Arizona - wrote on 20 June 2002, 07:49:
Your website is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your family and your part of Italy with the world. Mille Grazie!

from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - wrote on 20 April 2002, 22:35:
Beautiful site. My maternal grandfather was born in Mercenasco. My grandmother was born here but her family was from Mercenasco, also. I can still remember the zabaglione, stuffed peaches, stuffed onions and polenta my grandmother made. My husband spent time in Trieste in '53-'54 as part of the "TRUST" unit. He talks about going back to visit so maybe a trip is in our future. I agree with the person who said your site is remarkable for being a first try! Thank you for taking the big plunge into cyberspace! It's a wonderful site to visit.

from BRISBANE,AUSTRALIA - wrote on 5 March 2002, 03:02:

Barbara Horton
from Biella - wrote on 27 February 2002, 03:50:
How do I find the English version of this site?

from United States - wrote on 25 February 2002, 21:37:
URL: http://www.geocities.com/bluegaelic/bluegaelic.html
My family and I just returned from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. We are planning a trip to Italy in 2006 for the Winter Olympic games in Turino. I was wondering if you had any advice or suggestions for us. We would appreciate ANY information you would give to us. Your site is one of the best websites I have ever seen. It was very informational and interesting to read. I have book marked the site and will share it with my family. Thank you for a glimpse into your lives! ~ Alicia

Al Swilling
from Cleveland, Tennessee, USA - wrote on 25 February 2002, 06:07:
URL: http://www.senaa.org
My wife, Mignonne, and I enjoyed visiting your web site. Thank you very much for sharing a bit of your lives with us.You have a lovely family and memories as lovely.

Gwendolyn Whipkey
from Ventura, Ca. - wrote on 22 February 2002, 01:31:
What a pleasure to read, & see your web page. I was adopted as a child, but have found I have strong Italian background. Now I know why I have always drawn to that culture...people, food, etc. Thank you for sharing this with me. I have always wanted to speak Italian, but don't. I suppose all these natural tendancies come out in our genes. For now, Gwendolyn

from Ingham Nth Queensland Australia - wrote on 16 February 2002, 00:26:
Mum came from Asti Dad from Lussello settled in Ingham on a cane farm I am 66 years old wife is 61 we have 3 children eldest is 41 he has 4 children eldest is 19 all boys daughter is 39 has2 children both girls eldest is 13 my youngest son is 31,We still carring on cane farming on the same Farm bye for now,,,.

Gene DeRubeis
from Janesville, Wisconsin - wrote on 1 February 2002, 03:59:
Dear Claudia and Pippo, I wrote a long e-mail and I accidently deleted it along with your e-mail address. Please contact me. Thanks Gene

Gene DeRubeis
from Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 - wrote on 23 January 2002, 04:31:
Claudia and Pippo,What a great ideal for a website, expecially a family from Piedmont, about their history, family, food, and recipes, etc. I've been looking for a website like this for years. My grandparents on my mothers side were from San Giorgio Canavese and Aglie areas of Piedmonte. I have a question, I hope you can answer, that I have been researching for years with no answers. Lard curing of Salami --My uncle used to make salami and after a period of time the salami was put in crocks and covered with lard. Unbelievable as this may sound, I was reading a cookbook today titled, The Complete Italian Cookbook by Carlo Bernasconi and Christian Teubner, and in the salumi section it described my uncles salami. "The Piedmontese Salam d' Induja (Indugio), a pork salami, preserved in a pot of lard". No other details were listed but that is the first time I have ever seen mention of the lard cure in print. What I am interested in, is the history of the lard curing and the correct steps and procedures to do this process properly. I would appreciate any help on this lard curing question that you can find out. Uncle Charlie died in 1965 and I never had the opportunity to learn the lard curing process. Who knew there was life after your teenage years? I hope you have time to answer. My Best to you and your family, Gene DeRubeis

paolo seno
from melbourne australia - wrote on 21 January 2002, 11:24:
very informative for piemontesi in australia paolo seno president of associazione piemontesi victoria

Sharon Revello Waclaw
from Westville, IL - wrote on 13 January 2002, 19:02:
enjoyed visiting Italy through all the notes posted. Hopefully someday I'll share my journey first hand.

Elaine Coffman
from Austin, Texas USA - wrote on 8 January 2002, 01:14:
URL: http://www.elainecoffman.com
After spending time in Piedmont the summer of 2001, I truly enjoyed making a second trip there, via your web pages. The pictures are lovely, and brought back so many memories of the time I spent in Val d'Aosta.Thank you for this gift of love.

Pam Dork
from Saginaw, MI USA - wrote on 6 January 2002, 05:11:
Dear Claudia and Pippo,Your web site has grown so since I last visited it. I especially love the family album with all the pictures of your children and homes. I must be spending much more time here. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

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