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Mary Giamboy
from Atlanta, Georgia--originally Delaware - wrote on 14 November 2005, 15:39:
Can you share a couple of recipes with me? Pasta Va Zol Ricota Pie I hope I spelled them correctly. My mother wants to make some. Also, have you ever heard of Easter Pie? It has cheeses and pepperoni in it. Thank you, I have enjoyed visiting your website.

Ed and Melanie McGaugh
from Switzerland - wrote on 16 October 2005, 11:34:
URL: http://edandmelanie.4t.com/index.html
Thank you so much for posting all of the traditional Piemont recipes. I have saved them on my computer and next week we will spend a week between Asti and Alba in a villa we rented and I will be cooking with your recipes! We will raise a glass of Barolo to you for sharing the recipes! Grazie mille! Ed and Melanie http://edandmelanie.4t.com/index.html and http://chezedorovio.blogspot.com/

Antonella Tegola
from Roma - Italia - wrote on 29 September 2005, 11:51:
Sono arrivata al vostro sito per puro caso e mi è piaciuto tantissimo sfogliare il vostro album di ricordi! Date l'immagine di una bella e serena famiglia, come era la mia alcuni anni fa! Mi è piaciuta la vostra storia. Un saluto e bravi continuate così.

Toni Richey
from Yakima, WA via Los Angeles, CA - wrote on 30 August 2005, 02:55:
I just dropped by to see your Atlanta pictures, and they are wonderful. You all have to be the prettiest and happiest people on Earth! Thanks for sharing your trip with us all!

from NJ (USA) - wrote on 20 August 2005, 22:05:
I would like to request permission to use image of Caserta on your web site pmnews.it/images/GA._c.d._Caserta.jpg - I would be "using" it inside a book - short run - I am writing on Giuseppe Garibaldi - in this instance when he was in Naples' area and met with "Francescella." Please e mail me @ above addres. A JPEG or TIFF image would be appreciated. Please let me know the cost and I would acknowledge in the book - probably on the copyright page. Thank you, Anthony DiPerno (Isernia)

Andre Helmstetter
from Seattle, USA - wrote on 29 July 2005, 19:03:
Alessandra pointed me to your site. It's great! Whenever I think of my time in Italy I remember the great times and talks with both of you. Thanks for always being so good to me. I hope to see you when I come in 2005.

from LOME TOGO - wrote on 14 June 2005, 18:02:

from Las Vegas, Nevada - wrote on 25 February 2005, 14:54:
This was wonderful -- I really feel I know a lot about you and your wonderful family. The Internet really makes it a much smaller world! Hugs, R

Margherita Giramma Cambio DaCosta
from Born in Italy 1951- lived in USA 1958-05 - wrote on 18 January 2005, 15:51:
My dream is 2 one day visit my birth land (ITALY) and explore all of its towns, cities, borders, etc,etc, etc. I haven't been back since 1958, when My family and I left to live in United States ofAmerica. I have traveled extensively threw out the United States and my heart has been always to go back to Italy, travel threw out Italy, too! With God all is possible and I know I will see my beloved Italy once more!!!!!!!!Margherita mgcd 2005

Marlene Chanin
from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,USA - wrote on 14 December 2004, 18:22:
I am new to your site and I am loving it....although I have not been to Italy yet - I am hoping that in the very near future I will be making a trip there....ciao

Stefano Ulissi
from Teramo, Abruzzo - wrote on 25 September 2004, 15:20:
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/film/casale
Un sito mitico. Bravo! Vieni a trovarci in Abruzzo.

from Pennsylvania - wrote on 14 June 2004, 00:10:
I just came back to see if you had any news about Alessandra moving to the U.S. on your website. I visited hers and signed her guestbook so she may tell you that I did! I forgot to tell her congratulations, but wait! You're supposed to give congratulations to the groom and best wishes to the bride, right? Consider it done! Love to you all.

from Illinois - wrote on 3 June 2004, 00:46:
Claudia and Pippo, I will soon see your beautiful country - I leave on 6-12.

from Latrobe PA - wrote on 19 April 2004, 22:37:
My grandfather was born in Mercenasco and we are trying to find out more about his family. His name was Dominic Demangone. He was born in the 1880's. Is there a website to get information. Thank you

Michele Zippi Werner
from Jeannette, Pennsylvania USA - wrote on 15 April 2004, 03:31:
I am curious about all Zippi's. Please email me to tell me what you can. I am going to be visiting Italia in June, staying in Teramo

Debbie Bush
from La Verne, California, USA - wrote on 8 April 2004, 00:27:
Beautiful site. Visiting Italy and doing some of my own geneologly on the Marra section of the family is a lifelong dream I hope someday to come true.

Marco Bertola
from Torino - wrote on 26 March 2004, 10:06:
Carissimi e vecchi amici. Mi ha riempito di commozione leggere il vs sito. Mi ha fatto ritornare ai più vecchi ricordi della mia vita. Vi ringrazio di cuore e complimenti per la iniziativa.

Vera Boesten
from Leiden, The Netherlands - wrote on 24 March 2004, 08:27:
Dear Claudia and Pippo, our compliments for your wonderful website!! We (my husband Jos and our friends Rob and Stanneke) are coming to Italy in June because we would like to go and live and work in Northern Italy. Stanneke and I are arriving on June 10th and will be travelling all through the Langhe area to make contacs and look at properties. One week later our husbands will arrive and we will be looking around for another 2 weeks. Your website is a great source of inspiration and we feel it gives us an extensive insight into Piedmont Life!! Thank you again and maybe we can meet up when we are there?? Kind regards, Vera

from Mississippi Gulf Coast (Gulfport) - wrote on 23 March 2004, 00:14:
Enjoyed the updates. Site is great

Sharon Revello Waclaw
from Westville, IL - wrote on 8 March 2004, 00:00:
Since my last posting of 1-13-2002 I have planned a 3 week tour of Northern Italy. I hope I enjoy as much as the rest of the guests!

from UK - wrote on 29 February 2004, 18:25:
URL: http://www.sendallmyloveuk.co.uk
Nice site

Trish Shaffer
from Issaquah Washington - wrote on 24 February 2004, 19:38:
Thanks for inviting me in to your part of the world. Some day Paulie and I will make it there in person!! I would love to meet you both! smiles and hugs, Trish

from Austin, Texas - wrote on 12 February 2004, 20:05:
URL: http://www.elainecoffman.com
Ciao Claudia and Pippo, my favorite Piemonte friends. I'm so glad you sent the note that your website had some Campana family recipes! Now I will truly eat like I do when I'm in Italia!Thank you for your wonderful site about one of my very favorite places in the whole world, and your friendship!Elaine

Chico & Cookie Santiago
from North Carolina, USA - wrote on 12 February 2004, 14:53:
URL: http://www.traditionoforder.com
Hola Familia Campana~How we long for the days back in Gaeta. We think of you often and hope for the day we can visit once again. Thank your for your friendship - we love you forever!Familia SantiagoPS Brandi is now 19 years old and as always, smart and beautiful - studying computer science.

from Malaysia - wrote on 31 January 2004, 10:57:
Cara Claudia e Pippo, I have recently moved to Mondovi from Paris after my marriage six months ago. I was delighted to find your site, so many things I do not know yet about Piedmonte! Please get in touch if you'd like to meet up!Tanti saluti,Roz

from asia - wrote on 27 November 2003, 18:46:
i must say that your website is fantastic! your place looks lovely as if a fantasy and your little house is cosy! moreover the food looks delicious...yum yum!

Daryl Cuyler
from Atlanta, Georgia - wrote on 26 November 2003, 19:26:
I am residing in Atlanta, Georgia. And I just want to say you have a very beautiful family, and your website is very informative, keep up the good work.

from TORINO ITALY - wrote on 20 September 2003, 14:58:

from USA - wrote on 4 August 2003, 08:48:
Enjoyed the site. I am a relative of Vittorio Alfieri. If anyone knows how I may contact them PLEASE email me!!! THanks

Frank J. Francone
from Denver, Colorado - wrote on 26 June 2003, 02:05:
Dear Claudia and Pippo, Enjoyed your web site very much. My grandparents were born in San Benigno Canavese. Your recipe for Bagna Cauda interests me. My grandmother used cream instead of olive oil. Is that unusual? Do certain regions use cream instead of olive oil? PS I am looking forward to my first visit to San Benigno in 3 weeks. Frank

Fossa, Luigi
from Castelrocchero - wrote on 6 June 2003, 22:59:
Salve, Chi piacere. Ho preso anche un bel colpo di nostalgia. Distinti saluti.

Ann DeRubeis
from Bellevue, WA USA - wrote on 25 March 2003, 00:09:
Claudia and Pippo,I am Gene's sister-in-law. Very much enjoy your website. It is so very beautiful. I understand that Gene and Paula are in Italy now. If you see them, tell them I said to have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures.

Paul R. Mosso
from Natrona Hts., Pa 15065 1222 Broadview - wrote on 13 March 2003, 00:37:
URL: http://www.mystargate.net
My grandparent, parents, and I wereall born in Mercenasco, Italy. I came to America with my parents when I was 18 months old. I servedin Italy as a United States soldierand when the war ended I had a military pass to visit my uncles,aunts, cousins in Mercenasco. My parents had no news from them during the long five years of the war. I have written a book whichwill be published soon regardingmy parents life, my life and mythree and one half years in the U.S. Army in Africa, Sicily and Italy which includes a 20 page letter written after my visit to my relatives in Mercenasco who I had never seen. It was a momentoustime for me.

Pete DeRubeis
from Elm Grove, Wisconsin - wrote on 6 February 2003, 18:45:
Dear Claudia and Pippo,My brother, Gene, directed me to your website--it's great. As he indicated, our grandparents on our mother's side come from the Piedmont area and your website is really providing us with an insider's look at the traditions, food, landscape, etc. of the region. The information you have provided has already been the topic of conversation between my brother and myself.
Thanks for sharing!

Diane Moro
from New York - wrote on 2 February 2003, 12:36:
Nice site, good recipes, a good bookmarking page

luciana and enrico moro
from New York City - wrote on 30 January 2003, 18:11:
What a pleasure to see all these familiar places on the web...your site is well done and a tug on our memories of yrs ago..we lived many yrs in NYC but now we are living in diano san pietro imperia and visit piemonte quite often for the sights and the food...we love it and I'm sending this site to my children and grandchildren living in the States....thank you for such a nice idea!!!!

Marco Borgis
from Condove - Piemonte - Italia - wrote on 30 January 2003, 14:14:
URL: http://www.borgis.it
Contraccambio la visita al mio sito ! ciao !

from Pennsylvania - wrote on 30 January 2003, 03:16:
No way am I going to try to write anything in Italian! If I could, it would be an even bigger surprise TO ME! I can understand it much better than I could write it. Hope your weather is warmer than ours.Love, Me

Bob and Donna Beinstein
from Simsbury, CT USA - wrote on 29 January 2003, 03:50:
Hello Claudia and Pippo, Well, what a surprise it was. Well worth the wait! We enjoyed the tour and will come back again to complete it. Made us yearn to visit again. Perhaps when the young ones are a bit more grown... Thanks for the tour!

from Torino - wrote on 28 January 2003, 14:38:
Anch'io ho visto la segnalazione su La Stampa. Sono di Torino e anch'io ho spesso amici di New York che vengono a trovarmi e restano sempre piacevolmente sorpresi dalla nostra regione. Anche se siamo ancora un po' carenti dal punto di vista dei servizi e delle strutture turistiche. Ma forse è un bene.

from Borgomanero (Novara) - wrote on 28 January 2003, 11:49:
Sembrerà strano in mezzo a tutti questi messaggi stranieri,però io sono di Borgomanero in provincia di Novara,una piemontese doc e ho visitato il vostro sito perchè era segnalato sulla Stampa di oggi.Mi ha incuriosito perchè si parlava del Piemonte,e non mi resta che farvi i complimenti per l'originalità del sito e la brillante idea.Siete anche una bella famiglia.Lo segnalo subito ai miei amici americani che hanno parenti in Piemonte.Ciao!

Antonella Luchino Zippi
from San Benigno Canavese - wrote on 28 January 2003, 08:55:
Complimenti per il vostro sito! Sono nativa di Torino e vivo nel Canavese, precisamente a San Benigno Canavese dove c' e' l' Abbazia di Fruttuaria voluta da Re Arduino di Ivrea e dal monaco Guglielmo da Volpiano.Grazie per la vostra azione di propaganda della nostra bella citta' all' estero.Buon lavoro! Antonella Luchino Zippi

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